Pension Fund (Defined Benefit Plan)

a Plan established and maintained by an employer to provide for the payment of definitely determined benefits to their employees totally and immediately after retirement.


Corporate and Individual Fund Management

Provides professional fund management services to people with Peso or USD investible funds. The Fund Management team of a Trust operator is composed of professionals dedicated to analyzing and monitoring the investment climate ensuring the highest possible yields for the Funds managed.

Unit Investment Trust Fund

are open-ended pooled trust funds in any acceptable currency, operated by a trust entity and made available by participation established, administered and maintained by a Trust entity subject to BSP approval

AUB Peso Investment Fund

AUB Gold Dollar Fund

AUB Equity Investment Fund

AUB Peso Money Market Fund

AUB Peso Investment Fund

The Fund is a peso denominated bond fund suited for clients who are willing to absorb principal risk associated with changing market conditions. The fixed income investments of the portfolio shall provide for a steady stream of income. The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve the best rate of return by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities. The Fund aims to achieve a rate of return equivalent to the rolling yield of the 5-yr PDST-R2 net of fees. The modified portfolio duration of the Fund's investments shall not exceed five (5) years.



To ensure proper management of funds of the Beneficiary while the latter is considered to be not in the capacity to do so.

Personal Management Trust

To ensure proper management and transfer of assets to a beneficiary after the Trustees lifetime


Escrow Agency

Mortgage Trust Indenture

Paying Agency

Collateral Agency

Escrow Agency

A system of document transfer in which a deed, bond, or funds are delivered to a third person to hold until all conditions in a contract are fulfilled.

Mortgage Trust Indenture

A facility in which the Trustee shall hold certain assets in behalf of a borrower (Trustor) under mortgage to cover certain loans. This facility allows for the borrower to offer a pool of collaterals to various creditors.

Paying Agency

A service wherein the Trustee shall coordinate and process payments in behalf of the parties in a loan facility.

Collateral Agency

A service in which the Trustee shall hold certain assets in behalf of the parties in a loan facility. The assets may vary from TCTs, Stock certificates and other assets assigned as collateral to the loan.




What are Unit Investment Trust Funds?

UITFs are pooled funds of investors with no predefined term or termination date. It is up to the investor to determine how long he wants to keep his funds invested. These are made available to investors by purchasing units of participation in the fund.

How do I invest or own Units in UITF?

Investors may purchase units of participation in the fund at the current Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPu). The units of participation represent the investor’s proportionate share in the total value of the fund. As an investor in the fund, the client does not own any specific asset of the fund, only a proportionate share in all of the fund’s assets.

How do I know if my investment in UITFs are earning or not?

UITFs are subject to valuation of the underlying investments wherein it reflects the true value of an asset with respect to the current market price. Each investor in the UITF owns an equivalent number of units wherein its value may vary daily depending on the current market value of the investments of the fund as represented by the current NAVPu, and can then be compared with the NAVPu at the time the investor has purchased their units of participation. The Redemption of the units by the investor is the only way to actually realize any appreciation or depreciation in the price per unit. The investor bears all profits / losses.

How is NAV and NAVPu computed?

Net Asset Value (NAV) – The Net Asset Value of the fund is the sum total of all the funds’ Current Market Value of its underlying investments, Plus the accrued interests from the investments, less fees, taxes and liabilities. The trust fee and Taxes are accrued daily and computed as follows: Accrued Daily Trust Fee = (NAV x trust fee)/360days withholding taxes is equivalent 20% of the accrued interest income. Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPu) – The NAVPu represents the price per unit of participation. It is computed as the NAV divided by the total number of units of participation in the fund.

Is there a guaranteed or indicative rate of return from investing in UITF?

No. The ROIs published by AUB only represent how the fund has performed in the past. This does not mean that the fund will give the same return over a similar period of time in the future

When can I redeem / withdraw my UITF investment?

Each AUB UITFs have a specific holding period and an investor may withdraw or redeem their investments after the holding period. The Client may also withdraw or redeem their investments before the holding period but this will be subject to an early redemption fee of 0.50% based on the amount redeemed. Please also note, that the early redemption fee of 0.50% is based on a straight computation of 0.50% x the amount redeemed and this may result in a net redemption proceeds that may be less than the investment amount. It is important to note that investing beyond the holding period will not subject the funds to any early redemption fee, and in fact becomes withdrawable anytime after the holding period.

How much will an investor get when the UITF investment is redeemed?

By multiplying the number of units being redeemed by the applicable NAVpu for the day. The NAVpu is already net of the trust fees, taxes and qualified charges. No other charges will be deducted after the redemption. However, an additional deduction may be applied if the client redeems his UITF investment prior to the completion of the minimum holding period.

How much is the minimum initial investment required?

The minimum investment required is Php 10,000.00 for the Money Market Fund, Peso Investment Fund and The Equity Investment Fund. $5,000.00 for the Gold Dollar Fund. An investor may add to their investments anytime with a minimum additional investment amount of P1,000.00 for the Money Market Fund, Peso Investment Fund and The Equity Investment Fund. $1,000.00 for the Gold Dollar Fund.

Am I required to have an AUB account?

Yes. Excess contributions will be credited to the AUB account of the investor.

How do I determine the current market value and returns of my UITF investments?

You can compute the current market value of your UITF investment by multiplying the number of units you own by the NAVpu for the day. (Daily NAVPu are available daily through email or AUB website, (an income tracker calculator is available in the website to determine client’s UITF investment value). A monthly SOA (statement of account) is also made available via the investor’s designated email address and / or thru their AUB Mobile APP ( UITF accounts subject for enrollment).

Example on Current MarketValue Computation:

No. of Units Owned 100 units
NAVpu for the Day 1.5
Market Value of UITF Investment 100 units x P1.50 = P150

*If the value of your UITF increased, there is a gain/earning and if it decreased, there is a loss.

Example returns Computation:

Current Value of UITF Investment P150 P150
Original Purchase Amount of UITF P100
Gain/(Loss) P150 - P100= P50

*Since the current market value is higher than the original purchase amount in this example, your investment gain is P50.

What documents should a client have as evidence of his investment in a UITF?

• Fund Participation Agreement (FPA)
• Transaction Advise

Are all UITF products offered in the market the same?

No. UITF products differ in terms of the fund’s investment objectives, types of assets invested, portfolio mix, minimum investment amount, minimum holding period, possible benefits and risks, settlement period and charges.

Can a client invest in more than one type of UITF?

Yes. Clients are allowed to diversify their investments in various UITFs as long as the objectives and mechanics of the funds are suitable to their needs.

Which type of UITF is suitable to an investor?

When choosing a UITF, a client is required to accomplish a Client Suitability Assessment Form (CSA) which will help identify their needs and goals and match them against the investment parameters of the product. A client may invest in a fund with a higher risk vs. their risk appetite but will be required to sign a Client Suitability Waiver, indicating that they are willing to take on more risks vs. their risk profile.

Who can invest in a UITF?

Any person, association, corporation, entity or firm who/which has the legal capacity to contract or establish a trust may invest in a UITF product.

In what instruments can AUB invest the UITFs?

AUB Peso Money Market Fund: invested in diversified portfolio of short-term fixed income securities with an average maturity of not more than one (1) year.
AUB Peso Investment Fund: invested in diversified portfolio of medium term fixed income securities.
AUB Equity Investment Fund: Invested in Blue Chips and major second line issues of the stock market.
AUB Gold Dollar Fund: invested in diversified portfolio of medium term USD denominated fixed income securities.

How will the investor know where the fund is invested?

AUB shall provide a quarterly KEY INFORMATION AND INVESTMENT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT (KIIDS) which is published in the AUB website. The KIIDs main information is the total fund value, current NAVPu, top 10 holdings/ investments of the funds, fund performance and cumulative graph to show Fund Performance.

How much do trustees charge UITF investors?

AUB PMMF: 0.30% p.a., AUB PIF: 1.25% p.a. AUB EIF: 1.25% p.a. and AUB GDF: 1.75% p.a. Note that the fees and taxes are already deducted from the NAVPu, therefore, net ROIs are already net of fees, taxes and other expenses.

What are the risks of investing in a UITF?

A client investing in a UITF product should be prepared to absorb the following potential risks due to
• changes in interest rates
• changes in the market prices of securities
• the inability to sell or convert assets into cash quickly
• borrower or issuer’s failure to repay principal and/or interest on securities issued.
Note that actual gains or loss may only be incurred if there is an actual redemption made by the client.

What are the benefits of investing in a UITF?

• Low minimum investment requirement which allows retail clients to access investments that are only available to whole sale investments or big ticket investors
• No Maturity, the funds becomes withdrawable anytime after the holding period while still enjoying the high ROI of the fund. (*withdrawals before the holding period is subject to early redemption fee of 0.50% of the fund value)
• Participating in a UITF allows clients to gain access to the expertise and services of seasoned fund managers who are able to actively monitor the markets for possible investment opportunities.


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